De Oranjemarsen: 1985 – 1996 (Tom Van Geertsom)


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· Trinity College Dublin: Berkeley Library

The Irish Times

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The Economist

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The Times



· Alliance Party of Northern Ireland:

· Parades:

· The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland:

· Sinn Fein:

· Social Democratic and Labour Party:

· Ulster Democratic Party:

· Ulster Democratic Unionist Party:

· Ulster Unionist Party:



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· AIA: Anglo-Irish Agreement

· BBC: British Broadcasting Company

· DUP: Democratic Unionist Party

· IRA: Irish Republican Army

· NIO: Northern Ireland Office

· OUP: Official Unionist Party (= UUP)

· RTE: Radio Television Eirréan

· RUC: Royal Ulster Constabulary

· SDLP: Social Democratic & Labour Party

· UDA: Ulster Defence Association

· UFF: Ulster Freedom Fighters

· UTV: Ulster Television

· UUP: Ulster Unionist Party (= OUP)

· UUUC: United Ulster Unionist Council

· UVF: Ulster Volunteer Force



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