My house is my castle. The South African housing policy 1994-2004: an evaluation. (Madelon ten Cate)


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Internet sources


South African newspapers 1994-2004





ABF:  Amy Biehl Foundation

ANC:  African National Congress

CCT:  City of Cape Town

CODESA: Convention for a Democratic South Africa

CP: Conservative Party

CPI:  core Consumer Price Index

CPS: Centre for Policy Studies

CSIR: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

GEAR: Growth, Employment and Reconstruction strategy

GNU:  Government of National Unity: 

HSRC:  Human Science Research Council

HSRP:  Human Settlement Redevelopment Programme

HWP: Housing White Paper

IDASA:  Institute for Democracy in South Africa

IDT: Independent Development Trust

IEC:  Independent Electoral Commission

IFAA: Institute for African Alternatives

IFP:  Inkatha Freedom Party

IMF: International Monetary Fund

IO:  Internation Organisation

LGWP: Local Government White Paper

MIF: Mortgage Indemnity Fund

MP:  Member of Parliament

MPNP: Multi-Party Negotiating Progress

NCoP:  National Council of Provinces

NER:  National Electricity Regulator:

NHB:  National Housing Board

NHBRC: National Home-Builders Registration Council

NHF:  National Housing Forum

NHFC:  National Housing Finance Corporation

NHSS:  National Housing Subsidy Scheme

NGO:  Non Governmental Organisation

NP: National Party

PHP:  People’s Housing Process

PHPT:  People’s Housing Partnership Trust

R: Rand

RDP:  Reconstruction and Development Programme

SACP:  South Africa Communist Party

SAIRR: South Africa Institute for Race Relations

SHI’s: Social Housing Institutions

TEC: Transitional Executive Council

TRC:  Truth and Reconciliation Commission

UDF:  United Democratic Front:

UN:  United Nations

UNCHS: United Nations Centre for Human Settlements

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme

USAID:  United States Agency for International Development


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