Greece’s Shifting Position on Turkish Accession to the EU Before and After Helsinki (1999). (Dimitrios Lucas)


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The topic of this thesis has been an idea that I had thought of and been interested in before I even started my studies at K.U. Leuven.  However, there are some people whose help I must acknowledge because they have been a valuable asset to my research and paper writing process.


I would first of all like to thank my promoter/supervisor, Professor Laurent Van Depoele for providing me with guidance throughout the thesis process and for carefully reading the drafts of each chapter with patience.  Professor Van Depoele was very helpful with providing insight and a neutral perspective on Greek-Turkish relations.  Furthermore, his suggestions and opinions were very helpful in revising and structuring the content of this thesis.


The next person I want to thank is Eleni Shina (Research Associate at the K. Mitsotakis Foundation), my research assistant in Greece who helped me collect information in Athens and also read the drafts of my thesis.  I want to thank Eleni for her patience, for providing her help and opinions on the subject and for only asking me to make her coffee(s) in exchange!


I must also mention the Konstantinos Mitsotakis Foundation in Athens, Greece which served as my research base throughout the information collection process.  The Foundation provided me with insightful sources, such as speeches by former Greek Prime Minister Konstantinos Mitsotakis regarding Greek-Turkish relations as well as giving me access to the Greek Parliament session proceedings. 


Finally, I would like to thank my father for making this thesis possible.  Without his support, this paper would not have become a reality.  This thesis is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Marie-Marlene Lucas (1947-1991).



Dimitrios Lucas

May 2005


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