Feasibility, beneficiality,
and institutional compatibility
of a micro-CHP virtual power plant
in the Netherlands.



Patrick Landsbergen, B.Sc. (1015400)


Master thesis - Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis, and Management


Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Department of Economics of Infrastructures
N.V. Nuon Energy
Department of Business Development & Projects
Technology & Engineering Services


Graduation committee
Prof.dr. J.P.M. Groenewegen (TU Delft, Economics of Infrastructures)
1st supervisor: Dr. T.W. Fens (TU Delft, Economics of Infrastructures)
2nd supervisor: Dr.ir. I. Bouwmans (TU Delft, Energy & Industry)
External supervisor: R.I. Gnutek, M.Sc. (Nuon, BD&P - TES)

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